Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Job, New State, New Life?

As most of you know, I'm starting a new job in a week! I'm going to be a travel coordinator for the Access Adventure program! That means I get to plan for and go on all of the trips with adults with disabilities. To say I'm excited is absolutely true! However, I'm also a little nervous to move to Nanjemoy, Maryland, and to leave my Colorado life behind, but hey, now's the time! It'll definitely be an adventure, and I'm ready for a little East Coast Living! Who knows what doors this will open up for me!

This was still a really tough decision, mostly because I would have to quit my current job (which most days I love) and I wouldn't be able to go back to my summer camp job (by far the best job of my life :) And as much as I'm going to miss my kiddos and friends, I know this will be worth it!

Stick around for the adventure, it's sure to be a wild one!

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