Sunday, April 14, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Greetings from Nanjemoy MD! I just got back from Las Vegas and all I can say is wow!!! My job is going to majorly fun, but it's also going to be a lot of work!
As for living in Nanjemoy, I've gotten everything set up and I'm all settled in. I'm currently sitting at Starbucks though because this blog is blocked by our wifi, so updates may be a little slow.
So what have I been up to since moving?

Going to Vegas!!!
We had a great staff, a great group of travelers and fantastic weather! (Yay for my first sunburn!) It was crazy to see how quickly the trip came together once we started!
Colorado is under those clouds!

Hanging with Abe at the wax museum

New York, New York!!!

One of the best much fun!

Our group! 
Our hotel at night!

So I learned a lot while traveling with people with disabilities. At first, I noticed a lot of staring. I guess 13 people in a group would cause anyone to stare, but add in people with disabilities and we now know what it feels like to be a celebrity. (Not in a good way) But for every jerk, there were 10 people who were so kind and gracious to us. After a long day of flying, we went to dinner, and the waiter comped our meal. It was so generous of him. If you can't see, it's a 360 dollar bill. So shout out to our waiter at Dick's restaurant! 

I also realized how much patience is required of others when helping any group of 13 people. At every event in Vegas, they want you to take a group picture. Instead of rolling their eyes at the number of our group (as I would have done) They just put on a smile and helped us out. 
I also have to give a shoutout to the Thunder from Down Under show. One of the best parts of the trip. We went on our night off, and it was so Vegas and so great! Again, you could pay $20 dollars to take a picture with them, but it was the best $20 I've spent! Check out instagram for that picture :) 

Next Tuesday, we're heading to New York! I get to spend this week training and planning trips, but I'm really excited about the next few trips. Once summer hits, it's going to be nonstop pandemonium! But I'm ready for it! 

Also, to close this out, I wanted to add to my family that I have yet to be homesick. If you knew me the first time I went to Minnesota to work and when I went to college (both of which were a lot closer to home) I cried non stop, and was ready to quit. But moving to a whole new area of the country hasn't gotten to me. I guess I'm growing up! Although when they did announce that we were flying right over Grand Junction, I was a little homesick, but then I remembered it was Grand Junction :) 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kansas has some really weird Billboards

What does an 8,000 pound prairie dog, a 5 legged cow, a Wizard of Oz wine and a picture of Jesus in a wheat field have in common?
These are all things you can see in Kansas
And these are attractions that are closed on Sunday.
So we didn't get to stop and see any cool attractions on our way out to Maryland. However, we still had fun, and three days of driving wasn't too bad.
 Funny story about trying to drive through St. Louis, the arch is like right next to the road. Like right next to it. Also, it is huge.
 I got to stop in Indianapolis to see friends and family, so naturally we walked around downtown and took pictures with the crazy statues :)
 This picture does not even give this cross justice. It was massive!
 Took a few wrong turns and ended up right next to the Washington Memorial. Also, I hate DC traffic.
So that's the trip! We spent all day today unpacking and getting my room set up! Tomorrow it's off to DC for a little sightseeing, then I'm going to spend the next 6 months being crazy flipping busy! For example, I'm off to Vegas on Monday. Woohoo!!